Academic School


A Very British School with a Very Global Outlook

At Buckswood there is a clear educational philosophy – The Buckswood Difference. As a school it aims to nurture every student so that they can be the best they can be; global citizens with a sense of adventure, who are able to discover where their skills and passions lie, and harness these to inform future careers.

Buckswood school motto is ‘we are preparing for life’ and knowing that every child is different warm family atmosphere cultivates a safe, secure space for everyone to flourish, building confidence and resilience whilst discovering new strengths to give every student the tools to succeed. School offers all the students many opportunities to try new things, visit new places, and meet new people. A Buckswood education is a personal journey. Every child is different and the school recognises and values talent wherever form it takes; be it on the sports field offering

Tradition – Discipline – Honour – Respect – Honesty – Success

These are the core values Buckswood seeks to instill in every student. Boarding at Buckswood provides a safe and secure environment for the personal and academic development of each boarding student whilst ensuring their health and well-being. Boarding accommodation is spread over the campus and each House is proud of its individual character, from the 15th Century School House complete with oak beams and fire places. Beautiful English country estate, small class sizes and inspirational teaching create an exceptional educational experience. Combining traditional British boarding school customs focusing on manners and deportment with the latest classroom technology drives every student to realise their potential and achieve their ambitions.

A Buckswood education seeks to educate the whole child, and our international family from 48 different nations widens every student’s horizons. Every Buckswoodian leaves with an international address book of friends and network of contacts to help them go further, get further and get ahead. The students feel valued and supported, and develop a resilience to be able to tackle whatever life may throw at them. Buckswood is a community where you will find your friends for life!

Travel is the “fourth dimension” in education. It assists in placing education in context, for it broadens minds and horizons, breaks down barriers, destroys misconception, enhances knowledge and promotes cultural understanding. It is for those reasons that Buckswood has a well-established programme of annual trips, organised in such a way that the trips on offer are entirely appropriate for everyone. Each year the school runs a selection of trips, here are some examples of recent destinations: Paris (France), Barcelona (Spain), the Alps (Skiing), Beijing (China), Valencia (Spain), Rome (Italy), the Netherlands (Cricket Tour), Tokyo (Japan), New York (USA), Tbilisi (Georgia), Prague (Czech Republic), Swaziland (2 weeks), Iceland, Hong Kong, etc.

At the Sixth Form, students clubs give way to societies, as they begin to prepare the students for the adult world and identify their career paths. The focus of the societies is career based; this allows students to learn in more depth about their proposed university course & career. As part of their articles of association, each society invite two speakers per year, organises a trip per term, produces a project with tangible outcome per term, writes a report per term for the society magazine, connects with a university, researches work experience contacts, runs an academic school promo/expo per year.

ETI Holding assists applicants to apply and register at Buckswood School, Hastings. Our students achieve success at school and after its completion continue their high education at prestigious universities UK, USA, or Europe.