General English for Adults

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Our General English courses improve your English communication skills for study, work and daily use across the four skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

Be more confident and improve your fluency! Our courses are designed to have an impact on the present and future life of the learner in an international environment. Our unique course has five complementary elements that give learners the tools they need to operate confidently and successfully while using English as an international language.

The Skills Training session provides the practice that students need according to their study goals, such as pronunciation, Business English, or study skills.

The Accuracy in Grammar session perfects core grammar skills and works on the eradication of common errors.

The Knowledge for a Global Community class is the milestone of the course. Through individual and team-based research, students work on a broad range of historical, economic, sociological, artistic and cultural topics designed to equip them with the knowledge to function more effectively in the global community. Students present their findings in a range of debates, presentations, and pair and group work activities.

In the Language Focus session you develop your reading, listening, writing and study skills in English. The skills enhanced during the Language Focus are used in authentic tasks in the spoken performance workshop.

In the Spoken Performance Workshop, the learner develops confidence and skills in a range of speaking situations through mini role-plays, presentations and public speaking activities.

We provide a positive learning environment to enhance your progress. Whether you are learning English for the very first time or have studied it before, our unique approach gives you all the opportunities you need to express yourself in a relaxed, supportive atmosphere building their English skills and confidence through group activities and creative projects.

Classes take place three times a week and last 90 minutes.

We have online/offline classes at different levels from absolute beginners to advanced so whatever stage of learning you are at, we have a course designed to meet your needs:

I – Starter Level (led by local teacher, duration 4 months)

II – Elementary Level (led by local teacher, duration 4 months)

III – Pre-Intermediate Level (led by local teacher, duration 4 months)

IV – Intermediate Level (led in combination by local and native speakers, duration 6 months)

V – Upper-Intermediate Level (led in combination by local and native speakers, duration 6 months)

VI – Advanced Level (led in combination by local and native speakers, duration 6 months)

After successful completion of a course the student passes Cambridge exams (IELTS, FCE, CAE, PET), TOEFL, SAT, etc. and is awarded with proper Certificate of Achievement.